In a world that doesn’t suffer from a lack of content, the differentiator to get peole connecting to yours will be how you merchandise your content. We can take a lead from retail designers who know how to create engaging spaces that draw you to products. They use lighting, layout, colours, product categorisation, highlights and lowlights to create a great shopping experience.
The web world has oscilated with power shifts over time between the developers and designers. This era will belong to designers who create spaces we love to play in.

Here’s what AdAge had to say “But Bartz’s plan may not be all that outrageous. Today a range of brands in varied industries craft innovative UIs that not only differentiate, but also help them gain share in a competitive marketplace to extend core brand attributes to transactional tasks (such as booking a flight). While others, such as the celebrity gossip sites Wonderwall or Yahoo’s OMG, create distinctive UIs to differentiate a fairly commoditized offering.”

A few posts ago I mentioned what the Cool Iris video wall plug-in ( did for YouTube viewing by lifting by 12 times, here are some more examples of great interface design.

MTV Tweet Tracker


Google Flip