Enlightening article from DigitalBuzz showing how major website traffic has dropped over the last several years. It’s quite a paradox in that as the world becomes more connected shouldn’t web sites – especially the majors – be increasing thier traffic? Many are falling as much as 25% over a 2 year period. Dell’s copped it, so too has Adidas, BMW and even the might of ebay has not made them immune to the dip.


Well social media is the answer. In the early days of the web there was only one go-to place for information and that was a web site. Today, people are getting their information from social networks.  And information is also being pushed out through RSS feeds, Twitter and the like.

A simple solution (very simple in fact), push your content out. 

Thanks to Digital Ministry and Digital Buzz for the information.

Here’s an example in the Australian car industry .

car web sites