mum and binoccularsWhat a world we live in. There is a chasm between what we as parents think is going on with kids and the net and what is actually happening.

If you go back to a post of mine ‘Hey kids Mum’s watching and her name’s Mdog’  you may now understand why Mums connect to social networking sites to keep tabs on their children. Maybe I was a bit too quick to critisise.

Survey done by NetAlert and Ninemsn

  • 43% of teenage boys have downloaded files that they didn’t want their parents to know about.
  • 50% of parents believe they always know what sites their children visit. 
  • 56% of parents thought they had enough information about on-line safety. 
  • More than half of parents claimed they had better Internet knowledge than their children. 
  • 24% of teens claim that their parents are never around when they are on-line; 6% of parents claimed they were not around when their children were online. 
  • The older the children, the less likely it is that their parents will join them on-line.
  • 71% of parents believe their children use the Internet for research; 23% of teens say they research on-line. 
  • 55% of parents claimed they were checking their children’s on-line behaviour by watching them.