I said to my kids a few days ago when I was trying to be a Dad imparting some wisdom, that if you ever think there isn’t a solution, think of a chair. A chair (not an arm chair – let’s keep this really simple) is a seat, a back and some legs. So if you think you can’t possibly think of another variation on a chair, just google ‘chair’ and see all the wonderful creative talent providing solutions to a problem that surely has been solved to death. Well I don’t know if they got it, but at least I felt good.

My point? Well if you ever you think that you have run out of ideas to promote your brand, just think harder. The web through viral campaigns have given us such a low-cost communciation vehicle that hugely popular campaigns do not need huge budgets – just talented people.

Have a look at the video. It promotes Volkswagen in such a subtle way, not ramming the brand down people’s throats. The viral in this example also positions the brand’s personality so powerfully.

You’ve just got to love creatives

Oh and the point of the video, it’s to find a way to get people to have fun taking the stairs – works for me.