Australian’s might not click with online advertising, but it is still an invaluable branding resource for digital marketers according to new research by Nielsen. New research by Nielsen has shown around one third of Australian consumers are able to recall online advertising they were exposed to, with four out of ten consumers able to link the correct brand to an unbranded advertisement. The research is based on a three years worth of research with over 100,000 respondents.

The research also revealed intention to purchase increased by 4.9% following exposure to an online advertising campaign, with brand sentiment increasing by 5.3%. Display advertising also correlated with a rise in awareness, with top-of-mind awareness jumping 3.1% while prompted awareness increased by 3.5%. The likelihood of a consumer recommending a brand following exposure to an online advertising campaign also increased by 4.4%. “The number of companies advertising online and the budgets Australian organisations are dedicating to online advertising campaigns is growing every year, but what we have lacked in Australia is a set of local benchmarks against which to measure the effectiveness of that ad spend,” states Tony Marlow, Research Director, Asia Pacific of Nielsen’s online division.

Nielsen claims that their research for the first time provides Australian organisations with a set of reliable, local performance benchmarks to measure the effectiveness of online advertising. “Operating without benchmarks is a bit like flying blind – you can gather up the campaign metrics, but you need the context to get a true gauge on performance, and this is something Australian online advertisers have not had access to in the past.” continued Mr Marlow The research is some welcome news for those in the online advertising, which despite overall growth, has seen a decline in display advertising revenue which shrunk 5% in 2009 according to the latest IAB figures. “At a time when marketers are seeking to invest their resources where they will gain the most return on their investment, the Nielsen benchmarks provide further evidence of online advertising’s effectiveness.”said Paul Fisher, CEO of IAB Australia.

Article courtesy of Digital Media