When it comes to Twitter I’m sure I have a spilt personality. One minute it’s great, next it’s the world’s biggest time waster; a product looking for a home. But whether you’re a fan or not, we all love twitter stats. Insights into who’s using it, how many, what organisations are doing with it all hold our attention.

So without any further adieu, here are some numbers

Weber Shandwick, analyzed the Twitter phenomenon recently from a U.S perspective, specifically into how Fortune 100 companies use it as a barometer to share with our clients.

The take-away: Most companies fail to realize Twitter’s full potential as a market engagement platform. While 73% of Fortune 100 companies registered a total of 540 Twitter accounts, effectiveness based on level of activity, interaction and engagement were off the mark. Brand-squatted accounts, as reported last week in Ad Age, remains an issue for many companies. For those that are on board, many more are largely tepid accounts with limited activity and interactivity (76% of accounts tweet infrequently). Even more telling is how companies apply currently traditional marketing practices to this new media channel, including:

  • Twitter as a newsfeed: 26%
  • Twitter as brand-builder: 24%
  • Twitter as direct marketer/sales channel: 16%
  • Twitter as thought-leadership channel: 11%
  • Twitter as customer-service channel: 9%

And in good old Australia, we had 13,000 members in June 2008 and today we have 800,000.

Someone’s using it!

To read more, click the link to download Twittervention_Study