I was in Perth a few weeks ago and met with some wonderful people at an outer suburban primary school. The conversations were about things digital. They were talking about the digital world as it relates to schools and I was talking about the broader space and all the wonderful innovations that will find their way into our lives and for that matter schools.

I have to admit at times an arrogance on my behalf which plays-out as an underestimation of where schools are at with their use of digital tools. It was with great pleasure that my conversations in Perth left me with a smile on my dial.

I was talking to the school’s ICT coordinator and she was explaining how excited they were about the recent installation of electronic whiteboards in several of the classrooms. Although a wonderful device, they found having the whiteboards in only a few rooms presented them with some challenges so they turned to a web application and social media to solve the problem. The school turned to delicious.com

Delicious is a browser based application that allows you to store your ‘favourites’ or ‘bookmarks’ of your ….er, well ….. favourite web sites. The problem our WA school found was that they could access things like images from the school’s server to display on the electronic whiteboard, but when it came to showing the students some great websites, the teacher had to go to her PC, write down the web address, go to the room  with whiteboard and then type the address into the room’s PC. You can imagine the frustration.

Well what all the teachers do now is save their favourite websites to ‘delicious’, tag them under categories that make sense to them and just log into ‘delicious’ to display. Delicious allows you to do so much more but maybe I’ll leave that for another time.

So you see, teachers get delicious. What did you think I meant?