I’ve just spent a head-spinning 2 days at the ad:tech conference in Sydney where the digital elite gathered for the latest and greatest in our digital world. I heard stories from global heads of some of the world’s largest organisations relaying their experiences in new media marketing and uses of social media in a business context. I sat behind attendees in a tiered auditorium where I peered over their shoulders in disbelief as I saw them manage up to 10 twitter feeds at once all with fingers buzzing across their laptops (yes the elite still use them, although the iphone was clearly the device of choice). It was insane and very exciting.

I came back armed with lots and lots of references, case studies and connections. I also came back with a balanced view of social media. You know many are dabbling but there’s very few that are succeeding. This is not the definitive comment but it is becoming one of my social media mantras, it’s simple but may be a jolt for those that are blindly following the herd. It goes like this; social media will not work for every business. It’s not profound I know but at the conference I got a feeling that you were a social (media) leper if you didn’t swear allegiance to the blogosphere.

I do love what social media can do, I’m just pausing to re-think strategy.

If you are dazed and confused about social media and are too frightened to ask questions about what you should do and what it may do for your business, I’d like to share a great reference. It’s categorisations may be debatable but isn’t that life anyway?

Full credit goes to cmo.com; click here to download The Social Landscape.

Now who’s too frightened to ask questions?