There’s been some nasty stuff happening with hate groups on facebook (The Age March 28, 2010). Some schools have been the recipients of the worst of the web sadly. They say beware of the ‘two finger terrorist’; the person taking a shot from the cheap seats, venting their spleen under the cloak of online anonymity. But the web is overwhelming the place for good. A wonderful place to play, learn and for commerce.

Then there’s the banal. I was recently made aware of a site where a fellow’s sister said that if he could cobble together a facebook group of 1 million members she would name her child Megatron.

Well at the time of writing, the group had over 1.6 million members.


I can see a new facebook hate group emerging in about 13 year’s time – ‘children who hate their parents for giving them stupid names’. Poor Megatron.