Foursquare is making it easier than ever for businesses to offer venue promotions and get insight on their Foursquare traction. The location-oriented social network has launched a do-it-yourself tool for business to claim their venue and reap the rewards of the business dashboard.

Venue pages now include the message, “Are you the manger of this business?” and a link to begin the process. Any business owner can claim their Foursquare venue and manage their account in three simple steps. The feature set officially went live yesterday and the company already has plans to fine tune the process, as well as build out functionality to better serve businesses.

For interested businesses, the first step is to confirm business ownership, which Foursquare will manually verify. In step two, owners can create their first special. Dodgeball veteran and Foursquare’s new Head of Product, Alex Rainert, describes this process as a “mad-libs style special creator.” Business owners can add one special at a time. The first special is automatically added to the queue once ownership is verified.

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