You can believe all the Forrester reports and eMarketer statistics you want, but the truth is when research firms survey people about social media, they normally ask social media people. Citibank asked more than 550 small business owners across American several questions about Internet and social media use for their companies. The survey, which wasn’t conducted by a social media-friendly company using social media tools to ask questions of a social media-adept audience, came back with some results many would find surprising.

They didn’t shock me. Want to know what real business are doing with digital marketing? Here’s a few of the findings:

  • 81 percent don’t (that means DO NOT) use social media
  • 37 percent are not using their website to expand their business
  • 84 percent don’t sell their products or services online
  • 62 percent don’t use email for marketing purposes
  • 65 percent do not use online advertising

We gotta long way to go, kids.

Thank you Social Media Explorer