I wandered into my family home’s study around 2pm on Saturday and found my two teenage boys staring at the computer with music blaring and I liked it. It was The John Butler Trio live from Red Rock in the U.S.

The band from Fremantle headed over to Colorado and played the prestigious Red Rocks Amphitheatre, a location made famous by U2’s DVD Under a Blood Red Sky.

The concert was broadcast on the band’s website http://www.johnbutlertrio.com and at www.livestream.com/johnbutlertrio. Well the concert was unbelievably amazing – JBT were at their (note the use of the use of the acronym – trying really hard to be cool) best. A wander past the study turned into an hour and a half session.

I was in awe of the social media element. As JBT were pumping I saw a stream of posts from people all around the world. I saw a guy from brazil comment on how much he was looking forward to seeing them when they hit town. And next was the really freaky bit, a guy from Ballarat jumped in and said ‘seen them and they were awesome’. This may not seem like much but, tell me when in the history of this magnificent planet has a guy from Ballarat connected so effortlessly with a guy from Rio de Janeiro unless of course he just discoveed an illicit affair his Dad had when in the navy in the 60’s that spawned his newly found half-brother Paulo.

I saw social media and I really, really liked. I hope we commercial people don’t kill this 21st century nugget by our incessant desire to find the R.O.I in social.

To all the social media cynics (insert Stephen Conroy here) that bash the space on the back of every negative facebook story my advice is, find your favourite band, hook into their next live stream and you too may connect with Helmut, Fritz or Josephine in a land far, far away. No need to be half related to see what social is all about.