Post by Steven Cox on 15th March 2011 in Social media, General news

Facebook tightens rules on cyber-bullying

Facebook is taking a tougher stance against online bullies who pursue their victims through its site, by making several key changes designed to make it easier to report the problem, and have perpetrators removed from the site.

In a statement announcing the changes, the social media site acknowledged its responsibility for monitoring the behaviour of its users while on the site, and said it was amending its terms of service so that it is against the site’s rules “to bully, demean, or harass any other user”.

It says its overall intention is to create a “culture of respect” and a stronger sense of community.

Other anti-bullying measures which the site is making available are the facility to de-friend perpetrators, and ultimately to block them, which also comes with an option for reporting the offending behaviour to another friend.

“The goal of these tools is to arm the person being bullied into a position of empowerment, safety, and well being”, Facebook said.