Don’t you love it when you feel vindicated. You know that feeling of nah, nah, nah, nah, nah I told you so. Well it happened to me this week ( I need to cherish the moment, it dosen’t happen often). Late last year I began pursuing a thread about the link between Facebook and year 12 end of year results. I reckon they were being affected through the constant interruption that is Facebook; it’s part obsession and part addiction. I created an online survey and while the number of respondents even I would argue was not statistically valid (about 70), surprisingly and in another moment of nah, nah ……you know what I mean, 42% of 2010 year 12 students self assessed that Facebook cost them points.

So my moment of vindication came when I read an article in Psychology Today titled ‘Should we be concerned about the global impact of always-on, empty neural calories’. It’s a fascinating and scary short read. A study in the paper found that students that spend most time on Facebook have the lowest grades.

And if you know of a 2010 year 12 student, here’s a link to a quick 1 minute survey

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