Great night at Wattle Park PS. Lots of interest on one of society’s hot topics. I’ve resisted doing these talks for quite sometime only because there’s too much drama associated with the topic. I’ve chosen a strange day to say this when The Age blasts out  ‘Facebook gossip pages vilify students’. Certainly when these events occur it does affect many but I remain steadfast in that the social networking space is a liberating, empowering environment with great equity. The session at Wattle Park did have a positive tone which based on the feedback was well received.

Whilst an anti-social act is just that, with the offender needing to understand the effect of their actions, our kids are largely innocent victims. They have not had the generational mentoring I had on matters of social etiquette. My parents taught me not to speak with my mouthful, I don’t ever recall a conversation about tagging photos.