There’s a great deal of discussion about the merits of Goggle+ and it’s ability to convert a facebook audience. Please read the article The Surprising (Content) Future of Google+ from someone more expert than me. After reading copious articles and having had a play with +, I have formed some opinions, and here they are;

  • Google+ offers very seamless integration with all other Google products like search, youtube etc – no surprise here. They are playing to their strengths.
  • For all businesses and other organisations, I wouldn’t hang around too long figuring out its merits – you’ll need to be on, for seo alone.
  • Google+’s early adopters will be the digital elite and commerce.
  • Google+ will appeal to those looking to organise their social space with a division between play and work.

Will it dislodge facebook? My prediction is that it will take share but it will also grow the social user base introducing those that wanted a more practical outcome rather than merely expressing their inner self.

We live in interesting times.