Yes, you’ve read correctly, I’ll be conducting a series of seminars showing schools how to harness the power of facebook to build community whilst doing so safely.

Schools and facebook truly makes for strange bedfellows given the hysteria that often surrounds some of the extreme uses of the medium, but I’ll explain why I’m doing this. Firstly, I’m enthusiastic about schools embracing social media to connect more effectively with its community. Through the simple time pressures of modern life, we’re losing our parents. Trying to catch anyone’s attention is difficult. The commercial sector realises this and today send their messages out through as many formats (facebook, twitter, e-newsletters) and devices (PC and mobile) they can to allow their communities to engage in the way they prefer. Did you know that over 70% of mums are on facebook? I’ll show how this can all be managed very easily, even with administrators that may not be tech savvy and time poor.

Secondly and most importantly, I wish schools to use facebook to set a tone for its proper use creating a positive culture for our kids and community. Yes there are some evil kids out their using facebook to bully and harass but overwhelmingly it’s used for fun and social connections. Our kids have had facebook thrust upon them and have not had the benefit of any generational mentoring. They are largely innocent participants of a space where they have written the rules. When I was growing up my parents taught me not to speak with my mouth full, I don’t ever recall conversations about tagging photos! Schools are very well placed to influence social media culture.

So if you’ve ever considered creating a facebook page for your school or are just curious to see what all the fuss is about, we’d love to see you at the seminar. Click here for registration details