Facebook was always about the conversation and this concept carried over to the organisational pages, for brands. Facebook offered a largely blank canvas in which companies tipped their content. Other than the info page which offered opportunities to create a personality through a splash page of sorts, that was really it. Well that’s all about to change.

Below are some mock-ups of what the future fb pages may look like for a few well known brands. Getting close to a website experience isn’t. What is the future of websites? Well in some cases you wouldn’t bother with a web site. Let me qualify this. Communication today is about providing the user (hate that word) with an engagement experience in the format and on the device of their choosing. So a web presence will at least for the foreseeable future remain part of that mix. However, it probably becomes a question of effort. Let say you have a youth brand, then fb is really the biggest game in town. If you’re a government agency then the balance may tip toward a website. Either way, facebook is making things very interesting.

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