We’re gaining greater insights into to what matters on Facebook in terms of brand engagement. It used to be all about the number of ‘likes’ but we soon learned that this is meaningless if people do not connect with the brand beyond the initial seduction. We see this on twitter. You’ve seen this, 14 tweets, 17,302 followers, 18,543 following. Really! What’s the point? Facebook recognises that its’ the depth of the engagement that makes for a greater user experience which in turn will translate into better results for businesses.

We’ve recently seen the addition of the metric ‘People are talking about this’ and now we see a new metric of ‘virality’, which allows for insight into how viral a particular post is. Virality is determined by dividing the number of “people talking about this” by the reach (the number of people who actually saw the content). Diana notes that because virality is a percentage, whether a business is large or small, the metric “can be used to compare across all Page posts.” The virality metric allows page admins to analyze the success of individual posts and will hopefully lead to an improved page strategy through a better understanding of the audience.

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