I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes getting my head around what the new Facebook timeline will mean; you all need to, it’s on its way very soon. It’s hit New Zealand already.

Look I’m not a power user nor do I have the social life that needs this level of managing – sadly – but I’m really unsure about the new timeline. I think the uptake will be limited but even if you don’t want to play with it or in it, you’ll still need to get your head around it.

For mine I do not see it appealing to the majority of Facebook’s 800 million users. Publishing my life’s story for all to see is just to transparent and egotistical. But that’s not all. You’re going to have to keep your wits about you when it comes to this new world of ‘frictionless’ sharing.

There’s going to be a lot to learn and if you want a great head start, visit these links for the low down.

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