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The digital den is a site for those looking for a broad view of the digital world. It’s not designed  for the digital elite but for those that want to keep pace with the new world. You’re all invited.

Topics as diverse as e-learning, interface design, social media, online advertising, digital entertainment, e-commerce and many more will all be covered. Cuttings from the best and brightest from around the digital world will be pulled apart, commented on and editorialised.

The digital den is authored by Denis Masseni.

Denis is a Monash University and RMIT University sessional lecturer working with multimedia Masters students and industry professionals. He’s also a director of 2 digital businesses; newmedia people a recruitment firm ( and the highly successful web publishing and online advertising business, sponsor-ed (

A comment from Denis, ‘I love the digital space and find that my knowledge across the digital spectrum combined with (hopefully) an entertaining delivery has allowed me to motivate and excite audiences to feel inspired by what the digital future can deliver.’

I spend my time informing the frightened, the wary and the non-believers on how to harness the power of the phenomenon that is social media. I  relay the successes and the near fatal disasters of organisations embarking on a social media crusade imparting upon the audience the tools and an excitement to embrace the new world order in communications.’

Denis has recently created the Social Media Ecosystem  strategy planing template.  A device that makes sense of all the arms that is social media.

Where’s the soap box?

Denis is available to speak at conferences and at PD’s (schools know what that means). To book a presentation, lecture or workshop please contact 1300 755 010 or at


Denis Masseni is available to run workshops, present and consult on a wide range of issues in the new media landscape.

To learn more, please contact Denis on 1300 755 010 or email at